About me

Business Developer, mover & shaker in the fintech and digitization areas with a clear user focus

20 years of experience

My name is Patrick Urban. As a former senior manager at C level in the fintech and digitization environment, a multi-year startup experience, and over 20 years of market building experience, I primarily support fintechs, digital companies, and those companies that want to become digital.

My focus lies in the development of markets and business areas and in the (re-)focus on the success factors of the company. I review the business strategy with focus on business areas, brand, products, business model and processes from the user’s point of view and I manage projects and assist with implementation. I also develop strategic partnerships and seek technical solutions as needed. My broad network of relationships in the areas of digitization, fintech, payment and retail serve as the basis for this.

In everything I do, I always focus on the user as the crucial key player for the company’s success. As a mover and shaker, the development of attainable, scalable solutions plays a major role for me.

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