My Services

My name is Patrick. I place the user at the center of the perspective and support the development of the company from this perspective in the following areas:


“We need to rethink our business strategy, our company needs new impetus. However which one?”

I examine the existing business fields from the user’s point of view and give specific, practice-relevant recommendations and impulses for better potential exploitation in relation to the business in general – but also at the level of products, brand, sales and process efficiency.

Business Model

“We should expand our core business to grow and scale better. How do we go about it?”

I continue to develop existing business fields and markets (national, international) with country-specific adjustments and the (further) development of business models – also for potentially new business fields.


“We need external input to get new ideas and inspirations.”

As an advisor and sparring partner, I provide new impulses and food for thought regarding the development of new business segments, marketing, sales, positioning/focusing, product management, structural and process development (end-to-end) and legal and compliance considerations from the point of view of the markets.


“We should digitize more to avoid falling behind. What would be the best way to achieve this?”

I support the development and expansion of digital products / services for the corresponding business area in the project team – i.a. digital purchasing and payment processes.


“We are very well positioned in the analog area, but how do we get the same results in a digitized environment?”

I support the transformation from analog to digitized processes while monitoring the relevant end-to-end processes.


“Our target audience does not understand us, even though we’re so digital. What’s wrong with us?”

I provide operational support while digitized processes are implemented in the real world – with a clear focus on end-to-end considerations..

About me

«There is too much talk and too little action»

I am a Business Developer for fintechs, start-ups and companies who want to become more digitized, with the user’s point of view at the very heart of my work. As a mover and shaker, I focus on developing everything in a way that leads to tangible, scalable results.




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